Application Details

One of the tragedies of Indian farmers is that they are still dependent on the old methods of irrigation and are at the mercy of natural rains for their harvests. To provide a helping hand and to serve as a catalyst in the agricultural growth of our country, Tata Steel Tubes SBU has launched its new sub brand in borewell/tubewell applications - "Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara”. These pipes are available with superior grade steel and high weight to length ratio. These borewell pipes are easily available to the farmers across the nook and corner of the country through our authorized dealer network.

Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara has become imperative to the farming industry as the inferior pipes present in the market have negative impact on the soil. The inferior pipes affect the long term fertility of the soil when they chemically react with the elements of the soil and harm it for future use.

Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara have been designed to penetrate deep inside the ground owing to their heavy weight, to act as a silent contributing partner to our farmers through bore well and irrigation applications. With minimum maintenance and robust support for ground water irrigation facilities Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara will now redefine the lives of farmers across India and bring joy and hope in their lives.



Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara has been customized to meet the special needs of the irrigation segment. These Pipes are made with superior grade steel from the HR Mills of Tata Steel. Refinement of pipe attributes through dedicated R&D efforts has created remarkable features in the pipe. Pipes are straightened in special straitening machines achieving 1/600 straightness, better than IS 1239. With considerable amount of research, "Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara" comes with exact 14 threads to create the perfect engagement between the pipes ensuring a superior load-bearing capability and better grip. The BIS-approved sockets provided with these pipes fit perfectly providing continuous flow of water to our fields. The uniformly galvanized 360 GSM Tata Pipes are resistant to corrosion making it best suitable for the irrigational activities where they are continuously exposed to air & water. To avoid the duplicity and for maintaining the trust of its customer, Tata Pipes are available only through authorized Tata Pipes dealer with the cold stamping and dot matrix printing of Tata Pipes – Amrit Dhara.